Go Green, Go EV

Electric mobility can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions that threaten our environment and health.

Carbon Reduction Calculator

By driving an EV, you are contributing to a cleaner future in your everyday life. Use this calculator to find out how much CO2 emission you could reduce when you switch from a conventional vehicle to an EV.

Distance Traveled (km)

Sai Van Bridge
2.2 km
Governador Nobre
de Carvalho Bridge
2.6 km

Amizade Bridge
4.7 km

Macau Round-trip
76.7 km
Custom Distance


Total Traveling Distance per year

(km / year)

Electricity Used


CO2 Reduced


Equivalence of the number of trees planted

(to offset CO2)


  • The emission factors adopted in this calculator have considered the emissions from CO2, N2O and the CH4. The results are presented in units of kilogram of the carbon dioxide equivalent. (CO2-e/kg)
  • The calculation is based on the general performance (km/kWh) of typical EV vehicles
  • 365 days of traveling day per year is assumed for total traveling distance calculation

Benefits of EVs / Why EVs

EVs offer a number of great benefits over conventional cars without reducing your joy of driving.

Reduce CO2 Emission

CO2 generation due to EV charging is only 1/3 of petrol vehicle. (According to average figures of factory specifications of selected 16 EV vehicles of 10 brands, and with reference emission and consumption figures from The Environmental Protection Department of HK (HKEPD).)

Pleasant Drive

EV gives a more comfortable driving experience, as there is no sound and no vibration from the car engine.

Save Every Ride

The operation of EV is generally the same as ordinary vehicles. However, the cost of every ride and the regular maintenance fee are much lower.

Good to Health

EV does not emit any exhaust fumes mean better air quality, less health problems and costs caused by air pollution.

Drive with Support

With CEM APP, you can easily start charging, find chargers, access records and report problems.

Save Maintenance Cost

With the absence of exhaust systems, starter motors, fuel injection systems and radiators, vehicle maintenance cost will be less.