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No matter where you are, at home or handling business around the city, you can charge your EV at convenient locations.

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To support the green commuting policy of Macau SAR Government, our EV charging network continues to grow across Macau. By analyzing the usage patterns, the distribution of our charging systems will continue to be optimized in the future.
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A CEM eService account is required for using the public EV chargers. Registration is easy and free. All we need is your mobile phone number. Follow the simple steps below if you are not already registered.
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Private Charging Facilities

CEM further streamlines the relevant procedures for installing charging facilities in private parking spaces, making the application easier.


Applicants are requires to classify the registration of relevant car parks/parking spaces and comply with the following regulations before applying.

  1. -- If the parking space is privately owned, according to Law No. 14/2017, "The Legal Regime for the Management of the Common Parts of Condominiums", the notice of the relevant works can be posted in the lobby of the building entrance and in visible places close to the project area of 15 days, at the same time, written notice should be provided to the management committee if the building has one;
  2. -- If the parking space belongs to an independent car park with title registration (mainly when the title share was registered before 2000), the consent of two-thirds of the parking space owners shall be obtained in accordance with the requirements of the Civil Code;
  3. -- If the parking sapce ownership registration is a common part of the condominium, under the requirements of number 1 of Article 29 of Lam No. 14/2017, "The Legal Regime of the Management of the Common Parts of Condominiums", it is only deemed approved by obtaining at least half of the total votes of the condominium owners at the general meeting, and the representing at lease 15% of the total value of the confominium.


If the power supply application for private EV charging facilities involves installation works in the common parts of the building, the applicants should pay attention to the following:

  1. -- Applicants should first communicate and coordinate with building management authority. If other owners also intend to apply, they should jointly plan the power supply of EV charging facilities in advance. After collecting all the applications, they can submit to CEM together in order to reduce repeated construction and alteration works.


Get a Supply Feasibility from us

  1. Required documents:
  2. -- Requested subscribed demand in kW (size of your EV charger)
  3. -- Copy of Immoveable Property Registration Report issued by Macau Land Real Estate Registry Office (CRPM) (vaild within 3 months)
  4. -- Any information can clearly show the parking lot location (Such as building and parking space floor plan, drawing or picture, etc.)
  5. -- Power Supply Proposal description (indicating the location of parking lot, building supply point and swith box of EV installation)
  6. Time elapsed:
  7. -- Within 10 working days
  8. Remark: Since the original electrical design of the building does not reserve any power for parking spaces, the charging devices for electric vehicles are mainly medium/slow speed, it is recommended the Subscribed Demand of private charging facilities is 6.9kVA


After receiving the Power Supply Feasibility reply, applicants should:

  1. -- Hiring Registered Technician and Eelectrical Tenchician, preparing the power design plan for the installation of charging facilities and submit to the Land and Urban Construction Bureau (DSSCU) for approval.


After obtaining the approval design plan of electrical system (with stamp drawing) by the Land and Urban Construction Bureau (DSSCU)

  1. Clearly mark the name or number of the related parking space as shown on PRR, then submit to CEM for customer electrical installation and grid connection planning.


After receiving our reply, apply a private EV charger contract at our counter or through online

  1. Required documents:
  2. -- ID copy of the car park owner 
  3. -- For tenant, also with ID copy of tenant and valid tenancy lease 
  4. -- For company/association, also with copy of business/association registration issued within 3 months 
  5. -- Copy of Immoveable Property Registration Report issued by Macau Land and Real Estate Registry Office (CRPM) (valid within 3 months) 
  6. -- "Purpose of Electrical Installation / Electrical Technician Declaration" and his/her ID card copy 
  7. -- The approval design plan of electrical system (with stamp drawing) by the Land and Urban Construction Bureau (DSSCU)
  8. -- Valid Electrical Installation License issued by the Land and Urban Construction Bureau (DSSCU) under the name of applicant and with respective subscribed demand if the subscribed demand is over 13.8kVA


Install meter within 4 working days after both customer and CEM electrical works have been completed and inspected